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Our Mechanic and Welding Department works by using the latest technology. Our mechanics and welders are qualified and perfectly equipped to do an excellent job. Our mechanic experts regularly follow update courses to keep up with the latest technological trends. Furthermore, we use only the most updated equipment at our workshop. We also offer a fully recognized inspection program.

Our facilities can accommodate any kind of vehicle, small or large sized. We can also modify or install any specialized equipment. We can transform or adjust your vehicle according to your specific needs.

We know that it is very important to know all government regulations and we can assure you that we will respect these rules when transforming your vehicle.


Camions Lussicam Trans-Canada Inc. and its employees are proud to introduce you one of the most updated workshops in Quebec : Our bodywork workshop. By using the latest technology and the most sophisticated equipment, our workshop can accommodate various units simultaneously - truck, trailers, heavy machinery - in order to carry out our customers wishes.

Our paint lab with the latest technology will allow you to choose, from a color choice program, the color of your selection. At our paint chamber , we use a dawndraft procedure, this method offers a quality job and a better paint adherence. Our bodywork and paint specialists use high quality products according to the standards of this industry.

We offer the most complete service to quickly put your vehicle in good order. We offer the following services: 

We offer the most complete service to quickly put your vehicle in good order. 

We offer the following services: 

Lussicam Transformation Body Work


Lussicam Transformation Sandblasting Service


Lussicam Transformation Rust Resistance

Anti-rust treatment

Lussicam Transformation Mechanical Power Wash

Mechanical jet wash

Lussicam Transformation Body Paint

Full or partial paint of your vehicle